Maryland contended that its charter entitled it to all of the land up to 40 degrees latitude, a claim that included Philadelphia.  Around 1730, Lord Baltimore granted Thomas Cresap a land patent to operate a ferry service across the Susquehanna in the Conejohela Valley that fell within its claim.  Cresap was soon joined by other  … Read more

The site was settled by John Harris, established as a trading outpost at a point where the Susquehanna River was easily ferried. It was a natural crossroads, being regularly visited by Native American Indian traders. Trails led to both the Ohio River and the Delaware River, as well as other significant destinations. The settlement, known  … Read more

The Colonial Period of the United States is often characterized solely by the wars and battles fought by the colonists with Native Americans, and other European powers between 1607 and 1775. But, it is instructive to review the social and economic history and growth of the colonies because: 1). They were primarily economic enterprises and  … Read more