Fort Allen was built in 1774 , during Dunmore’s War, in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, for protection of about 80 German pioneer settlers from Indian attacks. One of a chain of forts built along the Kittanning Hills from the Delaware River to the Maryland border, it was also known as Truby’s Blockhouse. The Fort  … Read more

Fort Pitt was abandoned by the British in 1772, after which time it fell to private ownership. In 1774, Fort Pitt waS renamed Fort Dumore, as Virginia reasserts its claim to the Forks of the Ohio, in Dunmore’ War. The Virginia Governor felt that Virginia, not Pennsylvania had jurisdiction over Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.  … Read more

Virginia establishes West Augusta District in the SW area of Province of PA

Bedford County gained land from Cumberland County

Indian village of Shamokin renamed Sunbury and named as county seat

Bedford County created from Cumberland County and named for Fort Bedford

Mason Dixon line survey completed and established boundaries between MD, DE, and PA.

Pontiac’s Rebellion peace negotiations completed

The Black Boys, also known as the Brave Fellows and the Loyal Volunteers, were members of a white settler movement in the Conococheague Valley of colonial Pennsylvania sometimes known as the Black Boys Rebellion. The Black Boys, so-called because they sometimes blackened their faces during their actions, were upset with British policy regarding American Indians  … Read more