Battle of Jumonville Glen – 18 May 1754

During the Battle of Jumonville Glen, Lt. Col George Washington of Virginia, and 159 men on orders from Virginia Governor Dinwiddie, had originally been dispatched to join a construction party to the Forks of the Ohio. Finding that the building team had been forced to leave the Forks, as French were already there, and were heading south, they all joined forces. Moving north from Wills Creek (Cumberland, MD), they commenced road building. On May 14, he was alerted to the approach of a French scouting party, by Seneca Indian by the name of Tanacharison, or the “Half King”. Upon his advice, Washington decided to attack the French. To this day disputes exist over the nature of the French forces, with it being unclear if they were simply on a diplomatic mission to deliver a message, or spies and soldiers with intent of attacking British forces. The end result was the death of 10 French soldiers and their leader, Ensign Joseph Coulon de Jumonville.

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