The Battle of Bushy Run was fought on August 5–6, 1763, in western Pennsylvania. It was between a British relief column, commanded by Colonel Henry Bouquet, a Swiss mercenary, marching from Carlisle to Fort Pitt, then under siege, and a combined force of Delaware, Shawnee, Mingo, and Huron warriors, who were ravaging the frontier in  … Read more

An action by which Pennsylvania authorities, lead by Thomas Penn, William Penn’s son, defrauded the Delaware Indians of land in the Lehigh and Delaware Valleys. The Delawares had been the most friendly tribe to William Penn when he founded the colony. The Colonial authorities claimed to have found a lost treaty, of 1686, unsigned, ceding  … Read more

As noted in other posts on this timeline, the Dutch East India company hired Henry Hudson, an English Explorer, to find an alternative passage to India.  Having failed to find a Northeast Passage over Europe, Hudson spent 1609 searching in his ship, the Half Moon, along the North Eastern coast of North America. In August of  … Read more