The siege was a part of Pontiac’s War ( also known as a pan-Indian uprising), an effort by Native Americans to remove the British from the Ohio Country and Allegheny Plateau after they refused to honor their promises and treaties to leave voluntarily following the defeat of the French. This effort, lead by Pontiac, an  … Read more

Fort Venango was built on the site of destroyed Fort Machault (See 1755, Fort Machault). All was quiet until June 16, 1763, when it was attacked by Seneca and Mingo warriors, under the command of Pontiac. The whole garrison perished.

Fort Bedford was built during the French and Indian War and is located at the present site of Bedford, Pennsylvania. It was constructed by British troops under the command of Colonel Henry Bouquet by order of General John Forbes. The fort was one of a string of British forts and blockhouses designed to protect British  … Read more