Early History of Upland (now Chester County, PA): Conflict among the Swedes, Dutch and English


As discussed on other posts in this timeline, the lands around Delaware Bay, which eventually became the states of Delaware and Pennsylvania, were contested by the original settlers: the Swedes, the Dutch, and the British who eventually controlled everything. As noted in the above linked article and elsewhere in this timeline, the Swedes arrived first under the leadership of Governor Johann Printz in 1643. Some of these colonists settled on plantations located between two creeks; Mesckopenackan (the Indian name for what is now Chester Creek) and Upland Kijlen (The Swedish name for what is now Ridley Creek). The land area between these two waterways was named Upland by the Swedes because the land resembled an area of their homeland of that name. In 1655, the Dutch attacked and removed the Swedes from control, and then renamed the area “Oplandt”.

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