60th Royal American Regiment of Foot – Dec 1755

The 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot was originally raised as a four battalion British infantry regiment in 1755-56 to meet the needs of forest warfare in North American at the onset of the French and Indian War. The regiment was intended to combine the characteristics of men adept at forest fighting with those of a foreign legion; thus, Swiss and German forest fighting experts, American colonists and British volunteers from other British regiments were recruited. The men were trained in both frontier and European warfare. For the first time foreign officers were commissioned as British Army officers, being recruited from Europe – not from the American colonies – and consisted of English, Scots, Irish, Dutch, Swiss and Germans. Among these was Henri Bouquet. Most of their French and Indian War fighting was done in Canada, with an occasional foray into Pennsylvania. See York and Lancaster Encampments, 1757. During Pontiac’s Rebellion, in which frontier war threatened the hard won British control of North America, they were more actively involved in Pennsylvania. A detachment fought under Bouquet’s leadership at the victory of Bushy Run. See Aug 1763.

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