Fort Loudoun (Not to be confused with forts of the same name in Virginia and Tennessee, also built in1756) was built as part of a chain of frontier forts ordered by Pennsylvania General Assembly from the Blue Mountains in Easton, Pennsylvania, to Franklin County, Pennsylvania. The forts were needed to protect settlers from Indian raids  … Read more

The 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot was originally raised as a four battalion British infantry regiment in 1755-56 to meet the needs of forest warfare in North American at the onset of the French and Indian War. The regiment was intended to combine the characteristics of men adept at forest fighting with those of  … Read more

This post will briefly cover the roots of the founding of Plymouth Colony, the first English settlement in New England. The Virginia Company (of London), who had sponsored the Jamestown settlement, signed a contract with the Pilgrims, a group of English religious separatists, to settle in the mouth of the Delaware or Hudson Rivers.  So,  … Read more