The Battle of Monongahela, in which British General Braddock was defeated, was an attempt to retake Fort Duquesne. The Braddock expedition, also called Braddock’s campaign or (more commonly) Braddock’s Defeat, was a failed British military expedition which attempted to capture the French Fort Duquesne (now Downtown Pittsburgh). Because of the speed with which the French  … Read more

Fort Necessity was built by Virginia Militia Lt. Col George Washington to protect his party from the anticipated retaliatory attack by the French after the battle at Jumonville, Glen. Washington’s relative lack of military experience proved critical as the fort was sited in a depression and was too close to the tree lines, a mistake  … Read more

Fort LeBoeuf, the second of a string of four forts built to by the French to keep the British out of the Ohio country, which the French claimed for themselves, it was completed in the Spring of 1754. Built on French Creek (Waterford, Pa), which flowed to the Allegheny River and ultimately to the Ohio  … Read more