Kittanning Expedition – 8 SEP 1756

This Expedition, also known as the Armstrong Expedition or the Battle of Kittanning, was a raid during the French and Indian War that led to the destruction of the American Indian village of Kittanning, which had served as a staging point for attacks by Delaware (Lenape) warriors against colonists in Pennsylvania. Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel John Armstrong, this raid deep into hostile territory was the only major expedition carried out by Pennsylvania militia during what became a brutal backcountry war. However, the victory had limitations: the attackers suffered more casualties than they inflicted, and most of the villagers escaped, taking with them almost all of the prisoners that had been held in the village. Retaliatory Indian raids were fiercer than ever; the Indians moved to more secure areas. The end result was a peace treaty at Easton two years later. See 8 September 1758

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