Fort Ligonier was a new fortification, approximately 50 miles from Fort Duquesne. Originally known as the Post at Loyalhanna until December 1758 when it was formally named Fort Ligonier for Field Marshall John Ligonier. Construction was overseen by Engineer Charles Rohr. Colonel James Burd and engineer Thomas Bassett took over Rohr’s duties after he was  … Read more

This Expedition, also known as the Armstrong Expedition or the Battle of Kittanning, was a raid during the French and Indian War that led to the destruction of the American Indian village of Kittanning, which had served as a staging point for attacks by Delaware (Lenape) warriors against colonists in Pennsylvania. Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel  … Read more

The Colonial Period in North America, which spans from the founding of the Jamestown colony in 1607 to the Declaration of independence in 1776, is a period of conflict and war.  The Colonial History section of the General Society of Colonial War’s website states the case well by saying that although war “signifies the breakdown  … Read more