Fort Pitt Block House was built near Fort Pitt, and is still there. It is the oldest authenticated structure in W Pa, and is now operated by The Daughters of the Revolution (DAR).

Pontiac’s Rebellion in peace negotiations started

Mason Dixon line survey started

Proclamation Line

The Battle of Bushy Run was fought on August 5–6, 1763, in western Pennsylvania. It was between a British relief column, commanded by Colonel Henry Bouquet, a Swiss mercenary, marching from Carlisle to Fort Pitt, then under siege, and a combined force of Delaware, Shawnee, Mingo, and Huron warriors, who were ravaging the frontier in  … Read more

Battle of Bushy Run

Siege of Fort Pitt

Fort Presque Isle falls (near Erie, PA)

Fort Le Boeuf falls (near Waterford, PA)

Fort Venago falls (near Franklin, PA)