During the Battle of Jumonville Glen, Lt. Col George Washington of Virginia, and 159 men on orders from Virginia Governor Dinwiddie, had originally been dispatched to join a construction party to the Forks of the Ohio. Finding that the building team had been forced to leave the Forks, as French were already there, and were  … Read more

French Troops begin building Fort Duquesne, the fourth fort in their chain to protect their claim to the Ohio Country. This fort was the French replacement of Fort Prince George, See Feb 1754. Built in the heart of the Ohio River Valley, and thus preventing westward expansion of British North America, it became the center  … Read more

Fort Machault was the third of four forts placed along the water route from Lake Erie to the Ohio River by the French to protect their claim to the Ohio Country. Originally just a camp (Camp Machault), it replaced the incomplete Fort d’Anjou, started in that year, at the confluence of French Creek and the  … Read more

Fort Prince George, aka Trent’s Fort, was established at the Forks of Ohio River, on what is now the site of Pittsburgh, at the confluence of the Allegheny aand Monongahela Rivers. It was the first of five forts to be established there. Originally a trading post established by Ohio Company trader William Trent in the  … Read more

French and Indian War

Fort LeBoeuf, the second of a string of four forts built to by the French to keep the British out of the Ohio country, which the French claimed for themselves, it was completed in the Spring of 1754. Built on French Creek (Waterford, Pa), which flowed to the Allegheny River and ultimately to the Ohio  … Read more

The first of four forts built by the French to protect their claim to the Ohio Country. It was located on a bluff in Presque Isle Bay, in what is now Erie, Pennsylvania. The fort protected the northern terminus of the Venango Path, an American Indian trade route that led from the Forks of the  … Read more

Berks County created from Cumberland, Lancaster, and Philadelphia counties

Northampton County created from Bucks County

Cumberland County exchanged land with York County