The site was settled by John Harris, established as a trading outpost at a point where the Susquehanna River was easily ferried. It was a natural crossroads, being regularly visited by Native American Indian traders. Trails led to both the Ohio River and the Delaware River, as well as other significant destinations. The settlement, known  … Read more

Delaware becomes independent of Pennsylvania.

Queen Anne’s War

King William’s War

New Castle gained land

Philadelphia counties established

William Penn granted land by King Charles II

Upland County eliminated

This post reviews the history of the City of Lewes and Kent county, Delaware during the colonial period. In that area, the Dutch established the Zwaanendael settlement in 1631, and called it Blommaert’s Kill (Dutch for Creek) in honor of Samuel Blommaert, one of the directors of the Dutch West India Company. He had purchased  … Read more As discussed on other posts in this timeline, the lands around Delaware Bay, which eventually became the states of Delaware and Pennsylvania, were contested by the original settlers: the Swedes, the Dutch, and the British who eventually controlled everything. As noted in the above linked article and elsewhere in this timeline, the Swedes arrived  … Read more